Wedding Planning | Mistakes to Avoid

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? It can get a little stressful can’t it? While we agree planning a wedding isn’t always fun, you do need to avoid making mistakes. If you make mistakes planning your wedding, it can easily turn into a disaster. We’re talking about major disasters too. Things such as crucial members of the wedding party not turning up. Or perhaps your wedding venue being double booked on the day. Things like this can throw a spanner in the works that isn’t easy to dislodge. That’s why you need to be prepared and avoid the mistakes before they arrive. I've got some tips on how to do just that. 


Always Have A Backup

There’s a reason why there are rehearsal dinners for weddings. Couples want to make sure that nothing can go wrong. If something does go wrong or isn’t quite right for the rehearsal, it can be fixed for the wedding. This is the same reason why you should have backups ready in case something goes wrong or something isn’t available. For instance, make sure you have a backup caterer for your wedding in case one drops out. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup venue ready in the wings in case it turns out your first choice is double booked. It can get expensive to secure the bigger backups. But it’s worth it because then no matter what, your wedding will go ahead. You’ve probably been planning your wedding for months. You don’t have to cancel it because of one detail change. Ordering titanium wedding rings is a great example. Make sure you give them enough time to arrive. Particularly, if you’re getting them engraved. 


Invest In Your Photographers
The photographers capture the day’s events, and so you want to pick someone who is going to get the best pictures of you on the day as well as everyone who attends. If you can, it’s worth hiring two photographers, one to focus on the staged shots, whilst another can focus on the natural elements of the wedding day. It’s better to have two because if one doesn’t capture a specific moment, you’ve got a chance that the other one would have caught it. If you’re not hiring a professional wedding photographer, then you risk being disappointed with the photos, and unfortunately, there’s no redoing it!

Stag Party And Hen Nights Before The Wedding 

They shouldn’t be the night before either. You should have your stag party or hen night at least a week before your wedding. That way, if anything does go wrong, there’s still time to resolve it before the big day. You might wonder what could go wrong at your bachelor party or hen night. Well, lot’s of things as it turns out. You might get so wasted your partner thinks twice about saying I do... By having it a week in advance, you’ll have more than enough time to talk about this. 

Weather Woes

There’s nothing that can turn a wedding into a disaster more than bad weather. Open, horse-drawn carriage might seem light a great idea. Until it starts to pour down. Then, your bride shows up at the wedding looking light an angry, drowned rat. Photo ops are great to take outside. Unless the wind is blowing and you can’t see people’s faces with their hair everywhere. Planning a beach wedding? It could be very romantic. But if there is a thunderstorm, large waves will certainly put a dampener on everyone’s spirits. You get the idea. Plan for disaster and you can prevent your wedding from becoming one. 


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