Spring Favourites

I've been back to basics for the past few months and turning to the same products over and over again. Healthy skin, flawless complexion, sun-kissed glow, stand out lashes and perfect nails... I think that sums it up pretty well! It's been an exciting, busy, stressful and rewarding Spring and I'm 100% ready for a Summer packed full of happiness.

I've loved this foundation since around 2010 and love it even more now it comes with a pump! It's a medium to high coverage foundation that is made for dry skin. It's not heavy or uncomfortable which means it isn't reserved just for nights out. I would say this is an affordable alternative to foundations like Doublewear. 

This was a New York Sephora purchase and worth every single cent. I bought it as part of a gift set but with my dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin this has been without a doubt a favourite. It smells amazing and works wonders. I love a pamper night using this.

I turn to Hoola Bronzer month after month. It's such a good colour for contouring but when it comes to Spring and Summer I use it more often. We've had some lovely weather recently and I've been getting a bit of colour along with plenty of freckles. Hoola is great for adding to that colour and making it almost believable that I could get a tan!

Long, full lashes that can be layered and layered without turning into spiders, that's exactly what Smashbox Full Exposure does for me. This does smudge if I get a bit too hot and sweaty so I might have to look into getting the waterproof version but as long as I've got a pocket mirror handy I can wipe away any smudges.

Since getting engaged I'm feeling the pressure to have perfect nails 100% of the time. Of course my stunning ring doesn't need any help to dazzle but it's nice to have good nails to show off too. I don't have time for normal nail polish chipping nor the time to do a shellac manicure so Primark's £1 nails are the ultimate favourite. 

What have been your favourites for March, April and May?
What changes do you make for the summer?

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  1. The GlamGlow mask sounds really nice and so does the foundation :)