Life Catch-Up: Celebrations & Sunshine

 1. I finally made my Thank You cards for all our engagement presents. I took inspiration from Pinterest and combined a few different ideas and made it on 

2. Prosecco in the garden with 2 of my 3 bridesmaids on the day I asked them.

3. My permanent contract was confirmed and I went out for dinner with a few of the girls to catch up and celebrate. I went for cajun chicken salad and it was delicious.

4. Garden furniture was a fantastic engagement present and thankfully we've been able to use it loads so far. The sunny weather fairly cheers everyone up.

5. Rory, my lionhead rabbit, is quite the greedy little rabbit. He eats out of the scoop before I even get the chance to put the food in his bowl.

6. A bit more sunbathing. I felt like I was on holiday sitting in the sun, reading my kindle.

7. Snapchat is handy for checking the temperature. 20 degrees is tropical for Scotland.

8. Lunch in the garden is so much tastier. I love a chicken salad with caesar dressing.

 9. We went out for dinner for my Mum's birthday and we were all stuffed after our main courses. I can't resist a cheesecake so I ordered one between the 4 of us. It was chocolate fudge flavour and absolutely delicious.

10. A wee outfit of the night, quite like the pink pinafore from Primark.

11. Out walkies with my wee pal Abby. Walking my auntie's dogs has made me want a dog more and more.

12. There's been some gorgeous sunsets recently. Living so far north it doesn't get dark until really, really late... in fact some nights never seem to be dark.

13. I gave blood last week and had a bit of a disaster. Normally I'm quite slow parting with my blood but this time I was done in 7 minutes. Unfortunately when I headed to have my tea and biscuit blood started pouring from my arm. There was quite a puddle on the floor and I had to have a rather tight bandage put on my arm overnight. What a disaster.

14. Goats cheese salad, one of my favourites. 

15. Makeup and hair reading for a wedding dance. Unfortunately I was suffering from a cold sore and viral conjunctivitis so had a horrible red, bloodshot eye. Thank you Snapchat for helping disguise it.

16. My fiancé and I ready for the dance. What a fab night.

That's us all caught up, not long until my summer holidays now! 6 weeks off work is a major perk.

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