Home Happenings: Garden Wishlist

A major perk of being a teacher is the 6 weeks Summer holidays, there's no denying that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sun manages to come out for a big percentage of my break and that I get to spend time in the garden relaxing in the heat. One of the selling points of the house when we bought it in October was the big, South facing garden. Garden furniture and accessories haven't been high on our list of house purchases until now. It's time to have a Summer ready outdoor space.

We've got a really private garden which is amazing for a bit of sunbathing and I'd absolutely love a hot tub tucked away in the corner. Where I live it doesn't get very dark in the Summer at night times so being able to keep warm and carry on enjoying the garden would be fab.

Obviously summer is BBQ season and a few of our friends have arranged one for the summer months. We've not got a BBQ yet but I don't think we'd need, or use, a big expensive one. Wilko has some really affordable ones and this turquoise one looks the part. 

Faux Eucalyptus Tree
I'm not particularly green-fingered so a faux tree would save me the embarrassment. I can imagine this sitting on the front step fooling people into believing I can actually keep a plant alive.

Daisy Solar Lights
I bought these from Asda for my Mum last year for Mother's Day and I'm so glad they're back. They are multi coloured and are a lovely addition along the edge of the shed.

Hanging Egg Chair
I've stopped and sat in these hanging egg chairs every time I go into B&M and can imagine being curled up in one reading my kindle. From somewhere like B&M they don't have to break the bank!

Do you have a garden that's perfect for socialising? What furniture or decor would you recommend for a fun or relaxing garden?

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