Rory the Lionhead Rabbit

10 Rory Facts

  • We adopted Rory on the 23rd of May from a family who could no longer look after him
  • He's 2 years old 
  • We changed his name from Leo-Rose to Rory
  • Rory is a house rabbit so he sleeps in his cage and runs around our dining room (the man cave)
  • He absolutely loves footballs! As I write this he's running around the room chasing a big yellow football.
  • His favourite treats are strawberries and raisins. It's normally one for you, one for me!
  • He had to move from the living room because he couldn't walk on the Karndean floor.
  • Rory loves to hide in his wooden house and peek out of the window
  • Whenever I'm using the litter scoop he always tries to get a hold of it and throw it out the cage
  • Rory is at his most chilled out lying down outside his wooden house with his legs out behind him - chilling!

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  1. Congrats on your new member to your family ! He is really cute !

    Katie |