L'Oreal Professionnel Hairchalk Review

L'Oreal Hair Chalk

I've mentioned on my blog before that more recently I've wanted to try a bit of colour in my hair - on a temporary basis. For summer, a festival or a night out, it's something a bit different and a bit of fun. When I spotted this "Hair Chalk" on Hairtrade I was under the impression I was getting an actual chalk. In actual fact it's a liquid, temporary hair dye. The applicator was a nightmare. The liquid was far too runny and I ended up with colour on the floor, my hands, the towel and just a little bit on my hair. Thankfully the product is meant to be stain resistant but I did have a bit of a tinge on my hands even after a couple of washes.

I found it a little bit difficult to get an even application and ended up trying my hair back which helped to just get it on the ends. The colour was so bright and vibrant, it really transformed my hair. It did leave my hair feeling a little bit sticky, as though I had hairspray in it. It didn't brush through very well either so my ends look a bit stuck together.

If you're used to dying your own hair and have time to perfect it then this might be a quick colour fix for you. Personally I can't see myself using this very often which is a shame because it was such a bright colour and lasted for a few washes.

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