Improving Your Concentration

Most of us have those daft moments where we say something we later regret. It can be embarrassing and even inappropriate at the time. And lots of us suffer those days when we can’t get our heads around a simple task. All those times at the checkout when you can’t add up the total cost of a couple of products! It happens a lot. A lack of concentration can occur at any time without any warning. But when it happens at work, or when you’re driving your car, it can have pretty serious repercussions.

Staying focussed isn’t always easy to do. Life is full of distractions. And we’re all so busy all the time. So how can you possibly stay on track and improve your concentration? There are a few little secrets I can share with you now that should help you stay focussed for longer. Here are my favourite secrets to improving your concentration:

It’s true that a hit of caffeine can reduce your lethargy. And it can also help you regain a little focus when you’re feeling groggy too. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it will inevitably speed up your heart rate as a side effect. Too much can cause your skin to redden, and even become itchy. And it can also make your asthma worse. But as a quick pick-me-up, caffeine from coffee, tea or cola seems to be a firm favourite.

Ginkgo Biloba
This is often sold in pharmacies as a supplement. It has been available for decades and was originally marketed as an overall health enhancer. Now people are taking it to stave off the effects of Alzheimer's and poor concentration. It is thought that it can improve your focus and mental agility when taken in the right quantities. If you’re wary of herbal remedies and supplements, you can check the list of Ginkgo contraindications online.

There are many foods that are thought to help offer you more clarity of thought. Generally speaking, anything with those healthy B vitamins is a good food to eat. Whole grains are quite good for B vitamins but you can also take supplements to ensure you are getting enough. In the past, people have thought that fish is good for your brain. They weren’t wrong. It is the oily fish that you need to be reaching for most, though. These can help your concentration and overall brain function.

It is also true that exercise can help you feel more alert and more relaxed. This, in turn, will help you focus more and improve your concentration. If your physical stamina is good, your mental stamina should also be in good shape. Exercise improves the circulation of blood and water around our bodies. The brain needs a blood supply as much as any other part of the body. Make sure you regularly get some cardio workouts in to enhance the blood supply to your brain.

Without sleep, the whole body can feel fatigued. Without sleep, the memories and sensory experiences of the previous day will not be effectively filed away. After just a couple of nights without enough sleep, you can become confused and experience poor focus. You may even become disoriented and suffer hallucinations. Long term sleeplessness or insomnia may cause you to confuse dreams with reality. No wonder it can affect our concentration!

The brain needs to stay hydrated, just like the rest of the body. It feeds on glucose from our diet for energy. This can come from most natural foods, but there are plenty of processed foods that add glucose to the mix of ingredients. Too much glucose can make you feel nauseous but also cause your concentration to fluctuate. As a quick pick-me-up, a glucose tablet or energy drink may help but these are not generally considered that good for your health. Water and whole grains should be enough.

It is easier to concentrate when your mind and body are in a relaxed state. Stress and anxiety can affect your focus in a negative way. They can also lead to depression which can cause significant problems with your concentration. Book in for a massage or a spa day to unwind and feel good again. And having lots of fun can stimulate your concentration. Enjoying what you are doing can help you focus on the task even more.

There are lots of quick ways to improve your focus. And there are plenty of lifestyle adjustments you can make to improve your concentration over the long term. Try out some of these secrets to improved concentration to see what you can achieve today.

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