UK Getaways

Planning a getaway can leave you bubbling over with excitement. Of course, if you’re after something closer to home, the UK has plenty of great places to visit. One of the most important things you need to consider is the accommodation you are choosing. If you really want to make the most of your time away, it can be a good idea to book a place with a little more luxury than you have at home. Fortunately, the UK has much to offer.

Start with the area you want to visit. If you know you want to get away from it all, you might be keen to visit somewhere like the Brecon Beacons, or the countryside of Cumbria. Next, you need to decide what you want to do. If you’re keen to get some fresh air and exercise, why not pack your hiking boots and a bicycle? A weekend getaway is an ideal opportunity for a workout!

If you are after a more active break away, then you might also consider camping. Backpacking isn’t just restricted to overseas travel you know. You can pack up everything you need and enjoy a couple of days walking through the landscape. In the evenings, you can pitch your tent, light a campfire and sleep out under the stars. It can be a great holiday for you and some friends. Or maybe it’s a romantic break you’re after?

If you’re after a little less mud on your shoes but wouldn’t mind a little on your face, a spa break could be just the thing you need. OK, so they’re not the cheapest way to enjoy a weekend. But if you’re tired, stressed, and you need a break, you can be pampered and relaxed in no time. There are plenty of spa retreats all over the UK, so you don’t even need to travel that far.

For the more romantic short break, it has to be a quaint cottage for two. You can even find cottages with hot tubs so you can unwind, and really enjoy each other’s company. A roaring open fire and a candlelit dinner for two sounds like the perfect weekend for a couple. In the morning, you can open the curtains and marvel at the stunning views right outside your window.

Packing for a quick getaway can be a huge chore, or an easy task, depending on how prepared you are. You’ll need your makeup bag, a few pairs of clean undies, and two or three outfits suitable for the weather and terrain. A bikini could be a good idea too if you’re in the pool, jacuzzi or hot tub. They’re quite handy for public showers at campsites too! You may already have a travel wash bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Grab a waterproof backpack if you’re doing any outdoor activities. Don’t forget a towel!

UK getaways may not have guaranteed good weather, but there is more choice here than many other places overseas. The best thing is that it is all close by. You can just jump in your car and go. Have a great time.

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