New York - Uptown, Gossip Girl and Knicks Game

Friday 1st April

Friday was the first day of our 3 day Freestyle bus passes so we headed straight to the bus stop near our hotel, just a couple of blocks away. We never got the chance to go on the full Uptown tour or go on the Bronx tour on our last visit so we knew it was a must. It's a good chance to see all of Central Park and get away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown. You get a real feel of the community through Harlem and see some eye opening areas of the Bronx.

 Classic brownstone building in Harlem

Though there wasn't much to see at the Yankee Stadium we really appreciated the opportunity to get off the bus for 10minutes to get some photos and look in the gift shop. There wasn't enough to do to warrant us hopping off and waiting over half an hour. 
 Yankee Stadium at the Bronx

On our way back to Midtown, on the Uptown tour bus, the guide was hilarious and really knew her stuff. There's lots of Gossip Girl locations to see including the school and Blair's lunchtime yogurt spot. Unfortunately it started to rain but I was prepared with my lightweight parka but Mark wasn't quite as organised and had to rock the plastic poncho. 

The building for Constance Billard school, Gossip Girl 

Selfie on the bus tour in the rain 

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - another Gossip Girl location

The sun came out after we stopped off in Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Their lunchtime menu is quite impressive, the food was delicious and the cocktails were tasty too. We hopped on a bus and headed towards the Flatiron Building. You get great views of the Empire State here too. We walked back popping into a few shops on the way. I must have spent at least half an hour wandering around PINK at Victoria's Secret. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn't mind shopping. We also went into Modell's Sporting Goods, just before making our way to Times Square, so I could buy a Knicks top.

 Empire State Building from the bus tour

Friday night was a derby basketball game in Madison Square Garden and I have to say it was a fab night. The show from start to finish was great - the basketball was exciting, the half time shows were fun and the atmosphere was crazy. Even though our seats were too far away to win a Tshirt from the Tshirt guns, and I had to zoom in for my photos it really didn't matter. Madison Square Garden is a fantastic venue and Americans sure do know how to put on a show!
 Court in Madison Square Garden

 Dance off during the halftime show

Madison Square Garden and Empire State Building lit up for NY Knicks

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