Keep Going...

Have you always struggled to keep a fitness routine up for longer than a few weeks? Maybe you got into a good routine before but something happened and you stopped. Maybe you’ve never tried. The important thing is you want to do something about it now! These 10 tips will help you to keep your fitness regime up...

Take Progress Pictures
Make sure you take progress pictures right from the start of your journey. This way you can see how far you’ve come right from the beginning, and it’ll spur you on to keep going. You might not notice huge changes at first, but when you compare your pictures side by side you won’t believe the difference!

Find Somebody To Keep You Accountable
Having somebody to keep you accountable is a good way to keep at it. Maybe you could find a friend who is also interested in fitness, or get a coach. Many personal training packages will keep you accountable.

Treat Yourself When You Reach A Goal
When you reach a particular goal, treat yourself. No need to necessarily wait either. If you’ve worked hard one week, buy yourself a new gym top. Gym clothes always keep me motivated! Just make sure you don’t get into the habit of treating yourself with lots of food. It won’t help you reach your goals!

Don’t Be Ridiculously Strict
Make sure you’re not ridiculously strict, otherwise you won’t stick to it for very long. Staying flexible is the key to keeping this up. Work hard, but don’t be unrealistic.

Create a Vision Board
Vision boards can be made physically or online, and they’re such a good way to stay focused and motivated on what you want to achieve. Looking at one every day will help you to keep your ‘eyes on the prize’! Many successful people use them.

Remember Why You’re Doing It
Why are you doing all of this? Is it to fit into a gorgeous dress, wear a bikini with confidence, or just to be healthy? Maybe a mixture? Keep all of these things in mind when you feel like giving up.

Find People That Inspire You
Having people that inspire you will help you to keep going too. There are so many fitness models out there that give great advice and are amazing role models. Emily Skye is a great one!

Learn Why, Not Just How
Know why you should do certain things. It’s good to know how to get where you want to be, but why should you resistance train? What does cardio do for the body? Do your research and you’ll be better equipped in your workouts.

Make It A Lifestyle
You want to make your regime a lifestyle. If you can’t see yourself exercising 6 days a week forever, then you’ll probably give up. If you can stick to 3 sessions weekly, do 3 sessions weekly. It’s better to do it consistently that way than go 6 times one week and skip the next!

Enjoy It
Enjoy your fitness regime. Mix it up and do lots of things you enjoy. You can’t fail this way!

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