Home Happenings: Updating the Kitchen with Tenstickers

When it comes to decorating a new house there's lots of money going out at the same time it can be difficult to do everything you want. The shell of our kitchen was fine but the tiles and walls needed a bit of an update. We knew from the beginning that we wanted rid of the bright yellow walls but we didn't know what we'd be able to do with the horrible, dated floral tiles. A few people said the only thing we could do was replace them - an expense we couldn't afford. We did a bit of searching, helped greatly by Pinterest and soon discovered tile stickers. I wanted something that would brighten up the room and match the blue laminate flooring. Blue mosaic was the best, most affordable option and TenStickers made it so easy.

After seeing the transformation in the kitchen I'm tempted to continue and tackle the bathroom next. Tenstickers has quite a lot to choose from and the different size options makes it easier than some of the other tile sticker options. There's quite good wall decals and stickers as well if you're looking for decoration. We've got an empty wall in the bathroom and I'm not convinced a print or canvas would look right so maybe a little quote would brighten it up. Easy to stick up and no hole when I change my mind.

What's been your biggest bargain DIY discovery?

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