3 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Day

Whether your wedding day is coming up or you’re still yet to meet that special someone, it’s never too early to start thinking! Many people begin contemplating their dream weddings from an early age. Although it is only for fun and fantasy, you can be amazed how helpful those early thoughts were for shaping the day of your dreams. Some people are lucky enough to attend several weddings a year. While there are some aspects of a wedding that are likely to be kept traditional, a bit of personality can be a breath of fresh air. Personalising your wedding day can make the experience even more memorable and magical. A theme is perhaps the most obvious way to personalise your wedding. This means picking the overall colour scheme and aesthetic. It can range from glamourous and luxurious to laidback shabby-chic. But there are some more unexpected and exciting ways you can add a personal twist to your wedding day.

Your wedding invites are the first introduction your guests get to the theme, style, and “feel” of your wedding. It can be fun to relate the invite to the way you and your partner met, for example. Perhaps you went for a romantic meal and a menu style invite would be fun. Or perhaps it was a totally chance meeting at a gig or festival. Maybe an old ticket for the event or a sheet of lyrics could be a creative twist. Whatever you choose, whether classic or contemporary, your invites are a chance to reflect the event. They can be a great indicator of the type of atmosphere you want to create, so choose wisely. Visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invites and other reputable sites. The internet is one of the best resources for creative, eye-catching designs.

You may wish to stay quite classic and traditional on your wedding day. But you can still add a twist of personality and flair in the photography. Perhaps you and your bridesmaids all played for the same sports’ team or have a favourite bar you love to visit. Why not arrange for a few extra photos in your old team strip or at your old haunt? Or maybe you and your spouse are fond of a particular style of music or films. Maybe a few extra shots in the style of film noir, or holding your musical instruments could be different. Let your imagination run wild and you will have unique professional images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

The Entertainment
Many weddings have a DJ or some form of playlist. But entertainment needn’t only be for the reception. A bride in America recently hid professional gospel singers amongst her normal guests in church and they all burst into song after “I do”! Added entertainment can be whatever you want it to be. It can range from magic acts and hypnotists, to live music, singers, or even performing yourself! Anything that captures the attention of your guests should be unmistakably the taste you and your spouse. The genre of music, the type of act, and the level of formality can all reflect your unique personality.

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