Wish, Want, Need: New York

If you've seen my New York Planning post you'll see shopping has been scheduled in. I'm really lucky because my boyfriend is more than happy to spend the day shopping with me and likes to get some bargains for himself. There's a few things I've got my eye on, whether it's because they're a lot cheaper over there, in the outlet mall or a bit more exclusive to America. I'm sure there will be lots of impulse buys happening tucked in with some good old touristy souvenirs

I absolutely love PINK at Victoria's Secret. Their lounge and sports stuff is so comfortable. Although you can now order online it's obviously much cheaper over in America without having to worry about postage. Their new spring stuff looks bright, girly and fun. On our last trip we didn't make it to Bloomingdales but I'm hoping we'll get there this time. I really want one of their iconic brown bags, it'll be good for shopping or for taking to work. There's a few things I'll be stocking up on in New York - Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, EOS lip balms and Milk Duds. Three things I bought last time and love. I've spent a lot of time looking on the Sephora website and their value gift sets always stand out. I'd be happy if I can get the Glam Glow gift set as it's so much cheaper. Last up a Michael Kors Bag. Not necessarily this one. We're going to the outlets and I'm quite keen to get a brown bag and a smaller cross body would be a good addition to my collection. But who knows, I might end up with a bright blue big tote - that's the fun of an outlet. 

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