What's in my Hand Luggage | New York

Now that I'm on holiday from work I feel like I can get properly organised for my trip to New York, no last minute packing decisions. Obviously some of my hand luggage essentials will be used up until the night before or morning of our flight but on the most part my hand luggage is ready. I've done these posts before for jetting off to Spain, and there's not many differences this time. I feel like I'm carrying the essentials and no unnecessary weight. My new hand luggage bag from Primark is a really good size. I'll be able to fit airport purchases or flight food inside comfortably and the long strap makes it easy to carry.

Purse - with UK currency for any duty free or foodie purchases
Travel Wallet - keeps my documents organised and safe
Passport - an obvious essential
Snack - something to keep the hunger at bay

ipad mini - loaded up with music and films
iphone - last minute social media boasting or time passer
New York City Guide Book - last minute research and excitment level booster
Noise Cancelling Headphones - blocking out the noises of the plane and passengers
USB cable - you never know where you can charge your batteries

Beauty Products
Lip Balm - no dehydrated lips
Contact lense case and eye drops - just in case of contact lense troubles
Soap and Glory Moisturiser - a long flight skincare saviour
Eyemask - good for a long, overnight flight

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