Superdrug Haul

I've been running out of a few beauty essentials so I headed over to Superdrug online to stock up. I love that you get free delivery on orders over £10 because we don't have a Superdrug in my town so it's not often that I'm able to go in. I was really surprised by how many offers they had on and I ended up saving close to £10 on things I needed to buy anyway.

I needed to repurchase Revlon Colourstay foundation in normal/dry but the last time I checked they didn't have it in stock. Turns out it's because Revlon have changed the packaging and only gone and added a pump!! This is good news for Colourstay fans who always ended up wasting foundation with the old bottles. 

I've never tried this concealer before but if it's coverage is anywhere near as good as the foundation I'll be happy. It ended up being quite a good price with the Buy One Get Second Half Price Offer.

It's always good when dry shampoo is on offer because it's such an essential in my hair product stash. This has gone straight in my case for New York just to make sure I don't run out when we're away.

I'm normally a spray deodorant sort of girl but I'm going to give a stick a go. Mitchum is such a good deodorant brand and this will be handy for travelling.

My skin has been crying out to be exfoliated but I was completely out of any gentle scrubs. The Save a Third on Nivea Skincare Offer was enough to convince me to try out this one. Fingers crossed it'll help with my dry skin but also my blemishes.


  1. So happy to hear that Revlon Colorstay FINALLY has a pump! x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's an amazing foundation xo