Primark Haul: March 2016

I popped into Primark to buy some new socks and left with a big bag full, this seems to happen quite often! With our holiday to New York fast approaching I wanted to buy some new bits and pieces that will hopefully be good for our trip.

I wanted a new hand luggage bag and this one ticked all the right boxes. Even my boyfriend said it looked good for Primark. It's got plenty of space for everything I'll need on the plain and the long strap will make it easy to carry through the airport. 

It's easy to buy a new pair of pyjamas every time you visit Primark, their selection is huge. I used our holiday as an excuse and got the Cookie Monster set. I went a size up as there's nothing better than a big comfy pair of PJs.

This photo doesn't do this dress justice. It's a khaki colour which I've been loving recently and I find the high neckline really flattering. I might take this away to NY for nights out.

I was on the lookout for some casual tops that are good for weekends doing housework and out and about. This shirt is a lovely fit and the navy stripes mean it's good with a pair of blue jeans. I think this might end up in my workwear wardrobe too!
Another casual top that's good to throw on with a pair of jeans. These tops are good when a T-shirt is too cold but you don't want layers of cardigans or jumpers. It's slouchy, soft and comfy.

This top was on a mannequin near the front of the shop and that's what sold it for me. The shape and colours are both ones that I wouldn't usually go for but I'm hoping I'm going to get this to work for me.

My first spring purchase. I'm hoping this T-shirt will look nice with a pair of jeans and my white Bobs for NY. I love the colours and floral prints are right up my street.

Primark has a big selection of skirts in just now and I thought this black one would be good for wearing to work. It's a good length that isn't too short if I'm wearing pumps in Spring but I can wear it just now with boots without looking frumpy.

£3.50 each
These are the reason I went into Primark. I've got a new pair of trainers for New York and needed some new footies to wear with them. The sport ones come in bigger packs and seem good quality. 

I've always managed to resist the sweeties in Primark until I spotted the new Galaxy Golden Eggs. I'd never tried them before and they were only 90p rather than £1 - what a bargain haha!
Featuring in my February Favourites it's no surprise I've bought another packet of French False Nails.
Though I've been using the fake nails a lot recently I wanted to try out Primark's version of the nail varnish remover pots.

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