Keeping Belongings Safe Outside Of The House

The minute you leave your home, your personal belongings become at greater risk of theft. This goes for whether you’re in a big city like New York or the middle of Costa Rica! This might be a snatch-and-run on your handbag or the theft of your car or bicycle. Whichever it is, it is both upsetting and costly. So, read on for ideas on how to keep five common belongings safe wherever you go.

For Your Bag
Increasingly, bars and restaurants install small hooks underneath their tables. These are for putting your backpack or handbag on. It means you don’t have to put them on the floor! Check under the tables the next place you go to see if they are there. They might well be. Otherwise, keep your bag with you, either on the table or on your lap. Putting on the floor is just asking for trouble. Also, get a bag with a strong strap. Anything thin or weak can be cut with a small blade and snatched from your shoulder. This guide has more ideas to keeping your bag safe outside of the home.

For You Car
Steering wheel locks might seem old-fashioned and bulky. However, recent police reports have said they still act as a good deterrent to would-be thieves. This is because a lot of theft is opportunistic; they will go for an easy target. A steering wheel lock makes your car unappealing because it means effort. The criminal would much rather go for a car that is unlocked and unsecured that dealing with something like that.

For Your Bicycle
Bikes are far easier to steal than cars because you can quite literally carry them away! Unless you’re Hulk, you can’t do this with cars. Invest in a tough bicycle lock that can’t be easily cut through. Urban cycling insurance is a good idea as it covers both personal accident and incidents of road rage. This is an unfortunate but realistic element in a cyclist's life. Also, be sure you have a clear and up-to-date picture of your bike. That way, if it is taken, you’ll have a photo to show the police.

For Your Phone
Do this as soon as you’ve finished reading this article! Type *#06# into your phone and make a note of the number that comes up. This is your IMEI number. If you phone is stolen, you can remotely switch it off, as long as you know this number. Also make your phone more easily distinguishable by marking it with an invisible UV pen.

For You Laptop

Your first line of defence is making sure your laptop can’t get into anyone’s hands in the first place! Keep your device close to you at all times; no leaving it on the table while you go buy a coffee inside. Second is your password. It can be annoying, typing in something long and complex every time, but it’s worth it. The harder the password to crack, the harder for a thief to gain access. Also, password protect related items, like hard drives and USB sticks.