Home Happenings: Spring Update Haul

Ocean loans challenged me to update my home for Spring with £50*. I have to admit it might have been my favourite email to land in my inbox for the whole month. I love homeware shopping and having an excuse to buy some new bits and pieces is great. I thought back to October when the extreme homeware shopping began and of all the different shops that kitted out our new house. Matalan was one of our favourites and I knew I had to check out their new in section.

The first place I thought of updating was our living room. It's my favourite room in the house and isn't quite finished. We've got all the big furnishings covered but we're lacking in the smaller accessories. Our shelves have got a few gaps and our gorgeous big corner couch has a few spaces for cushions. I love Matalan's faux fur cushions, with grey ones in our bedroom and a cream one in the living room, it was time to inject some colour with a purple one for the couch. The quote cushion caught my eye as a fun, light hearted message that sums up summer time for me. I can't believe it only cost £6! Another two bargains were the reed diffuser and photo frame. The flowers on the frame are so detailed and spring like and the reed diffuser is a good spring alternative to a candle.

The second place I thought of updating is our garden. We've got a lovely big, South facing garden but haven't spent any time in it after moving here in October. Hopefully the weather will start brightening up soon and we'll be able to do a bit of socialising in our sun trap. In preparation I couldn't resist the 'Made for Sunny Days' drinks dispenser. I would love to make some homemade lemonade and fill this up... or some cocktails perhaps. A picnic in the garden wouldn't be possible without a cool bag and blanket. I love the colours of the polka dot design and they're both an excellent size and quality. The last thing I couldn't resist was the welly boot planter. I've certainly not got green fingers but I think I might manage to fill this up with soil and choose a bright flower to put inside and cheer up our door step. This reminds me of something my Granny had in her garden so it was a must have for me.

The last thing I bought to bring my shopping basket up to £50 was the ultimate accessory in spring cleaning. With lots of different potions, cloths and dusters I love the idea of a caddy to keep it all together. It'll make going from upstairs to downstairs, room to room a breeze with it all together. It'll also mean my under-the-sink cupboard is a bit neater and more organised. The sky blue goes perfect with our kitchen too!

It's not too hard to give your house a bit of TLC and a Spring update, a
ll this lot for £50 and free delivery. I highly recommend checking out Matalan when it comes to homeware and you might even get lucky with a 10, 15 or 20% off discount if you look in the right places (like I did!)


  1. Such lovely bits! The cushion is super cute x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. Thank you. Matalan has some lovely stuff in, even if it is a bit girly! xo