Getting back on track

There can be many reasons why we slump or get in a rut. There may be something tangible like a recent disappointment or bad news. It may be something more constant like work commitments or family stress. It may be difficult to identify a cause at all. All we know is that we are lacking in motivation and feel a bit “blah” about life. First of all, things change and we are in control. It’s important to recognise and embrace your emotions, even if they’re not always good, but there comes a time when we’re ready to snap out of it. There are many ways to reclaim our sense of fun and adventure but it can be dauanting knowing where to start. Why not try out one or two (or even all four!) of these creative ways to grab ahold of life again.

Helping Others
Switching the focus from ourselves to others can be an incredibly effective and meaningful way to address a lack of motivation. Not only does it give us perspective and a sense of accomplishment, we are also directly benefitting the lives of others. We can approach the idea in small steps or big changes. Whatever suits us. The important thing is to do it with a positive motivation and a genuine wish to help. It might be signing up to give regularly to our favourite charity. Perhaps we can volunteer somewhere that is trying to make a difference. Animal shelters often need more hands on deck, as do charitable soup kitchens, or clean-up initiatives. If we really want to make a change, why not consider a gap year or initiative abroad? The Leap has links with conservation efforts all over the world, for example, and can help you identify one to suit you. However big or small the change, there is no more meaningful way to help ourselves than to help others.

Change Your Look
It may be an old cliche, but a change on the outside can sometimes result in a change on the inside. A fresh, cool new hairstyle that we’ve wanted to try forever could be the perfect start to a new chapter in our lives, for example. Something as simple as treating ourselves to something we might not normally wear or an outfit that makes us feel great can all have an impact.  Feeling good comes from the inside, but small changes on the outside can still give us a much needed boost.

A Catch Up
In the chaos of modern life, it can be easy to overlook those that we really care about. Never take for granted the people and relationships that matter to you. If you’re feeling down or isolated and can’t identify why, there’s a good chance you haven’t connected with someone special for a while. Organise a lunch date with a parent, or grab that coffee with the friend you keep meaning to see. Not only does talking to others keep things in perspective, but it’s an opportunity to give others their groove back too!

Get Inspired
If you love art, music, or another hobby, make the time to indulge in it. Our passions can play a huge role in our identity, and we can feel lost if we don’t engage in them. Make a small amount of time a day or even a week to do what makes you happy.

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