Easter Weekend

I'm sharing a few snaps from my Easter Weekend - a few days full of chocolate, adventures and quality time with my boyfriend, family and friends. What did you get up to over the weekend? A lovely way to spend the start of my fortnight off work.

Easter present including some dollars for our New York holiday.

An explore around a man-made set of 365 steps from the mid-18th Century. I was glad to have my Fitbit on at the time! The cliffs were 250ft high and the views were amazing.

We stopped off the cafe for a quick bite. The garlic bread was amazing and we tried the homemade lemonade to get in the mood for New York.

My parents came round for a roast dinner on Sunday night. I didn't get the chance to take a photo amongst the chaos of cooking but I did get the chance to decorate our chalkboard first. I enjoyed a glass of rose and another sweet treat after dinner.

On Monday my boyfriend and I had an Easter egg hunt. He hid little chocolate eggs while I was out for lunch with my besties. After searching the whole house for all 15 I got comfortable on the couch watching Gossip Girl and gobbling them all up. Woops.

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