Winter Snapshots

1. I've been loving burrito bowls. A bit healthier than the ones with wraps (well maybe not with the amount of soured cream and guac I like) and this one looks so colourful! The pulled, shredded is a pain to do but totally worth it.

2. A quick selfie before I nipped out to visit my parents in the snow the other weekend. I was all wrapped up in my cape, it's so cosy.

3. I spotted a Slimming World  garlic/Fanta chicken recipe on Facebook and gave it a go with leftover roast chicken. It was so tasty and quite low calorie.

4. We've got a wedding dance at the end of February and I fancied getting a new dress. I quite often wear something floral for weddings but it didn't feel right in winter. This gorgeous dress is from Quiz and it's quite a flattering shape and design.

5. We had a catch up dinner date with our friends last week and we couldn't resist the Jack Daniels Honey Cheesecake. It was delicious and because we shared it I didn't feel so guilty.

6. Another selfie, this time I was trying out the Snapchat filters. I've got a chefs hat on my head, you just can't see it. I think my necklace is a nicer accessory to have!

7. I finally bought myself a Fitbit Charge HR. My boyfriend has had his a year now and he seemed to love it. I'm looking forward to seeing how many steps I do at work. It's quite motivating already, I went out a walk yesterday morning to get my count up.

8. Our barometer seemed to plunge down to stormy yesterday morning and it's never normally wrong! Keeping my fingers crossed for a storm day off work.

9. My Sunday afternoon treat on the couch (while catching up with Pretty Little Liars) was some melted Nutella with banana and apple to dip in. Mmmmm!

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