Skincare Secret

My skin reacts really quickly to stress which means a busy week at work or lots of deadlines means I'm soon battling blemishes and redness galore - in particular on my chin. I've tried a few different spot products but at the end of last year I discovered my little skin secret. A favourite of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Lara Stone, the classic bathroom cabinet  product, sudocrem.

Sudocrem works wonders overnight. It draws out toxins while healing at the same time. It's good for reducing redness and calming down any troubled areas. It definitely helps stop them feeling so sore. It's also a handy little face mask if you're looking for an over-night glow or a bit of moisturising. 

I had an old tub tucked away in my beauty stash until I realised you could get a skincare specific tube. It's the perfect size for in your makeup bag or popped in the pocket of your handbag and a bit easier to use than scooping it out of the tub. It's also a complete bargain compared to some other spot products and is one you can trust!

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