My Little French Bulldog

Having just bought our first house together we fancied getting a dog but with us both working full time we've had to reconsider, for the moment anyway. I found the perfect alternative in amongst some of the novelty lamps on I kept it a surprise from my boyfriend just to see his face when it arrived.

A very unique, contemporary table lamp, this cute wee French Bulldog is a blogger's dream in a copper/rose gold colour. The puppy shape lamp base is so detailed and so well made, it's really worth the less than £20 price tag. The polycotton lamp shade isn't too big keeping the full focus on the gloss puppy. It currently lives in my living room and adds the perfect amount of light when we're cuddled up on the couch watching episode after episode on Netflix (right now it's Narcos - highly recommend it!) This would make a nice addition in a children's room or a talking point in the hallway. I might even let my boyfriend have it in his man cave. It takes a 40w small screw candle bulb which are easy to get a hold of in supermarkets or can be ordered with the lamp on Valuelights. So whether it's a gift for someone who can't have a dog or for a dog lover who can barely fit another one in it's a fun, stylish house addition.

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