Making that Birthday Extra Special

If it’s somebody you love’s birthday, then you will probably want to make it as special as possible for them. Whether it’s your mum, sister, or other half, there are lots of things you can do to make them smile on their special day. Even the smallest gesture doesn’t go unnoticed on a birthday. Take a look at my ideas and see if there’s anything you can use:

Bake Them a Cake
Instead of buying a shop bought cake that anybody can go out and buy, why not bake a cake instead? If your cooking skills aren’t up to scratch, you could even buy a ready made cake and decorate it yourself! Even if it doesn’t turn out looking professional, it’s the thought that counts. The fact you took the time to do this will mean so much more than just buying a cake.

Make Them Something
Why not make something for the birthday boy or girl? You could make a scrapbook, a photo frame, paint something arty, or do something else that uses your natural talents. Making a gift rather than buying one really will mean so much more! My favourite is always the card.

Take Them Breakfast in Bed
A simple gesture like breakfast in bed really can start the day off right. Waking them up like this will make them smile, assuming you live with them! You don’t have to do anything too fancy. A continental breakfast with fruit, cereal and coffee will be enough for them if you’re not much of a cook.

Send Them a Video Birthday Card
A video birthday card is really easy to make with sites like Videogram. You can make them an interactive card that’s even better than a store bought card! It could even be a good idea for somebody you can’t see on their actual birthday.

Customise Something for Them
Customising something isn’t usually expensive. You could have a customised mug, item of clothing, keyring, piece of art, or whatever suits your budget. Many items are fairly cheap, so you don’t have to break the bank if that’s what you’re worried about.

Take Them Out for the Day
Why not take them out for the day to show them how special they are to you? You could take them to a film or show they’ve always wanted to see. You could go looking at museums. You could even go and relax somewhere in the great outdoors!

Make the Day All About Them
Make the day all about your loved one. Start off with breakfast in bed, then take them out somewhere. Buy them dinner. Maybe treat them to a gift. Later on, you could run them a bath or help them out with chores and things they need to be doing. Make the day all about them!

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you and help you to make your loved one’s birthday as special as possible. Although you shouldn’t do it to get something in return, if you’re lucky, they might just do the same for you. It certainly worked for me when I got 21 birthday presents on my 21st birthday!

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