Keeping Fit On Holiday

Holidays can give us all something to look forward to throughout the year. But if you’re still sticking to your new year’s fitness resolutions then it could make you feel anxious. All your hard work can quickly come undone when you’re lounging by the pool or eating and drinking more than you usually would. While it’s important that you do take some time to relax, it’s important to stay on top of your fitness regime to. It’s easier than you think to stay fit and healthy on holiday so use these three ways to get motivated and prepared before you go.
Exercise outside
Being able to relax by your hotel’s pool or at a local beach will make you feel calm and at ease. But also make sure you schedule time to exercise outside. This might seem strange if you’re only used to working out in gyms back home. But it can be an ideal way of exploring your holiday destination and seeing what it has to offer. No matter where you are the beach is fantastic for running, swimming and yoga. You could also try water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding and snorkelling to keep you looking fabulous. Find out if your hotel holds any water aerobics classes or games you can get involved in each day. You could also try out horseback riding, hiking and cycling in the local parks and nature reserves. Doing a physical activity for just a few hours each day can keep you looking and feeling great.  You can then go to a spa or sunbathe on the beach for some well-deserved relaxation time.

Get up early
It might not seem like an ideal scenario for your relaxing holiday but getting up early can be highly beneficial. You can do some laps in the pool uninterrupted or head to the gym for an early workout session. You could also go for a walk down to the local markets and pick up some breakfast before the rush.  Find out the opening and closing times of the facilities as soon as you arrive so you can plan your time effectively.

Go on a fitness based holiday
If you’re in the process of planning your summer vacation and want to stay active, why not look for fitness based holidays. You could try Corsica walking tours or a mountain bike trek in Croatia. There are also yoga retreats, sporting groups and boot camps throughout Europe and the UK, that can keep you in tip on condition. These activities will help your maintain your fitness regime but also push you to get results. They can also help you discover more about the people, sights and culture of the destinations you are visiting. But remember to thoroughly research all of the options available to make sure it caters to your needs and also gives you some down time. You are on holiday after all. This is the perfect choice of a solo traveller or couple who adore nothing more than working out.

With so many possibilities, there is no reason why you can stay fit on holiday. Remember to pack your workout gear and always do warm up stretches before any exercise.

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