January Favourites

January has been a busy month at work and a quiet month at home. At the start of the month we booked our holiday to New York for Easter. Now it's time to save money so we've got lots to spend once we're there! I've spent many an hour looking at the Woodbury Commons and Sephore websites! We'll need to have lots of quiet weekends ahead of us.
As for work it's been so hectic I feel like January has flown past. I've also tried hard to get organised with my blog and I finally feel back on track!

This whole month I've been using this mascara. It's fantastic for getting full, long lashes without worrying about clumping and flaking. It's quite a good mascara for layering which means I can wear it day to day for lovely looking lashes and can wear a few extra coats for something a bit more dramatic at night. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to remove. If you nip into the shower with some mascaras you come out looking like a panda and need 4 cotton pads to remove it all. Smashbox Full Exposure seems to melt away with ease.

It's January - the month of healthy eating and I've got health breakfasts covered. I've been loving these porridge sachets for months. They take 2 minutes in the microwave, taste delicious with a banana chopped on top and keep me full up for ages. I have these with unsweetened almond milk every day. Absolute fave.

My bathroom is starting to look like it's sponsored by TIGI. I've been loving their products and after using the Headshot conditioner (review coming soon) I jumped at the chance to try the shampoo. It was only £10 from TK Maxx, smells delicious and works wonders.

I don't know how long I've had this brush or how I've not discovered it's magical powers before! At the end of December I uncovered it and since then I've been taking it's name very literally. It's such a big, soft, fluffy brush and has been perfect for buffing in concealer, applying foundation, bronzer and powder. 

There's not much to say about this one, it appears in favourites posts on a regular basis and is used day after day. Whether it's a bit of colour or contouring I can always rely on Hoola.

Did you book a January blues holiday? Are you on a health kick?

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