Hairaisers Supermodel Clip Ins

This is a post that's been tucked away in my drafts, half complete, since before I moved house (hence the old room background). I blame BT and their awful installation for this slipping through the cracks.

I've been growing my hair for years. I've used many pots of Lee Stafford's Hair Growth treatment and you know it's paid off when you enter the hairdressers and all of them comment on how long your hair is. My hair is long and quite thick. Though it's dyed and sees quite a considerable amount of heat it's in not bad condition. All of that doesn't mean I can't wear hair extensions... 
Even in my long hair they can add a bit of length but best of all add thickness. A good set of human hair extensions can transform an updo or add life to a curly style. Being able to clip in some extra hair and having amazing volume and length is something most girls should get the chance to try out. It's something I love for a big night out or special occasion...

Hairaisers is a hair extensions, wig and hair piece brand that's been around since the 80's. As one of the oldest and most respected hair brands in Europe they know how to raise the bar in hair fashion. Supermodel is a range that uses 100% human hair, is affordable, good quality and can be used over and over again.
As they're made from human hair they can be straightened, curled, washed, blowdried and styled. They come in 3 different lengths - 14", 18" or 20", so there's something to suit all different lengths. As for colours there's over 20 different shades and as a total extension amateur I was able to pick out the perfect one for my hair. They've even got ombre shades for something a bit different.

You can see from the photos just how perfectly they blend with my hair. Though they don't add much length they definitely make my hair look thicker and healthier at the ends. It's always the real test wearing extensions in my straight hair - that's when they're most noticeable both at the clips and the ends. Though I don't have much experience clipping them all in place I managed to keep the clips disguised and convince some people that my hair is long, thick and supermodel potential.

Do you have hair extensions reserved for special occasions? What sort of extensions have you tried out? Clip-ins, bonded or maybe even a hair piece?

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