Good Things Argan Oil Day Cream Review

Our recent snowy weather and the blasting heating at work has left my skin in a bit of a sorry state. My skin was feeling dry and flakey. I needed to find a thick moisturiser that I could use during the day before my makeup to stop my foundation being sucked in for a bit of hydration. I bought a few new skincare products but just before that I uncovered this little gem in my stash.

This is possibly the most intense, creamy day cream that I've ever used. With Vitamin E, Baobab and argan oil it's packed full of ingredients to boost hydration, improve firmness and target signs of waging. It's also free from paragons, mineral oils, sulphates and animal ingredients which makes it even better. It's definitely done wonders for my skin. It feels softer, looks healthier and feels hydrated every day. 

I'm not 100% struck on the packaging because I don't like using jars when I've got long or false nails. But the simple, glass design has a much more premium feel than moisturisers in plastic tubs or tubes so I'll have to overlook my nail problems. 

A little bit goes a long way - it's whipped and creamy and seems like it's going to last a long time. A joy to use, Good Things has won a place in my skincare routine! 

Have you used any other Good Things products that are worth raving about? Next on my list to find is a lip product to tackle dry, chapped lips.

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  1. I've been using Moroccan argan oil on my hair for a few months now and it works wonders, so I can't believe it never even occurred to me to use it on my skin as well... I mean, they're made of the same stuff (our skin and hair, that is) so it only makes sense. I'll definitely have to give this a try :)