Girly Weekend Away This Summer

There’s no better treat than a fun girly weekend away. It’s a brilliant way to relax, have fun, and spend some quality time with your special girlfriends. Now we’ve all got jobs and responsibilities we may not see our friends as often as we’d like. Partners, studies and kids seem to somehow take priority at times over our friendships., But it’s important not to let them slide. Jobs and boyfriends may come and go but your friends will always be there for you! If you’re going away with the girls, why not try one of these brilliant destinations?

Taking a trip to London is always exciting. There is so much to see and do it’s hard to know even where to think about beginning. Love the theatre? Visit the West End to see a huge variety of shows, both old and New. History buff Visit the Tower of London. If you fancy checking out London’s seedier side, SoHo is always good for a giggle. It may lack some of the individual charm of a few years back, but there’s still loads of gigs and rock and roll goings on.

It’s not all hen weekends and kiss me quick hats. Blackpool has had somewhat of a cultural renaissance. If you excuse the tatty back streets, you’ll find that much of the centre has been refurbished - and there’s some great contemporary art. Check out the Comedy Carpet right in front of the famous Tower. It’s a massive installation of famous lines from all the comedy greats that have played at the Lancastrian resort over the years.

There’s something fascinating and captivating about Ireland. The scenery is beautiful and the craic is amazing. Then again, it could just be the accent. Head off to the Emerald isle for a break and you’ll be kissing the Blarney Stone in no time. If there’s a few of you, you can rent holiday cottages in Ireland for a reasonable price and save money by self - catering. That’s if you’re not too busy out and about sampling the Guinness!

If you and your girls fancy some extra special pampering, then head on down to bath. The Royal city is famed for it’s ancient Roman Baths. The original baths are now a Museum dedicated to the history of the jewel in wiltshire's crown. The hot water comes, heated from the thermal springs under the ground. The Thermae Bath Spa is the only natural spring spa in the UK. The combination of historic surroundings and luxurious pampering is very decadent. IT’s a great destination if you all like spa days and beauty treatments.


You’ll struggle to find a friendlier city than Scotland’s second city. It may have a reputation for being a bit rough and ready, but there’s no need to worry. The Glaswegians welcome strangers with open arms and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic night out. The accents are cute, too! Why not visit the West End? It’s full of artists and students and is definitely the bohemian end of town.

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