Feeling Fabulous

We all want to look and feel fabulous. We want to feel good about ourselves but is it really that difficult to look your best? Do you need to spend a fortune on different expensive brands of makeup? I don’t think so. I think it’s easy to look your best, look younger and be beautiful. Here’s my advice to all the girls out there who struggle to look at themselves in the mirror on a regular basis.

Watch Your Diet
Did you know that your diet can have a negative impact on the colour and texture of your skin? If you don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables or drink enough water, you’re going to find that your skin feels dry and looks pasty. To avoid this, you just need to watch what you eat. Try living healthier and you’ll see the rewards of doing so. Your skin will be stunning and even if you are heading in to your forties, you’ll look 21!
Another tip for younger looking skin is to try skin tightening exercises. These exercises involve tightening the skin on the neck and face. One exercise is to stand straight, arms at your side. Tilt your head to the ceiling, opening and closing your mouth slowly. You should do this, at least, ten times. Doing this once a day for a few months will start to show positive effects. No more double chin!

Signs Of Fumes
Have you been smoking for a while? You might not yet have developed the signs of the smoker. The chapped lips, lines around the mouth and yellow skin. To avoid these signs ever developing, stop smoking now. I know, it’s not that that easy. But it is if you just switch to vaping. By vaping you still get the feeling of inhaling that you’re used to. But rather than smoking nicotine, you’ll be using e juice. The best e juice can be bought with lower amounts of nicotine. It’s better for your skin and your body. But you still get the positive benefits of reduced stress from smoking.

Natural Makeup
I hate to tell you this girls but if you keep using massive amounts of foundation and other makeup you’re going to age faster. This is particularly true if you go out and then fall asleep with the makeup still on your face. By the time you’re forty you’ll look sixty five. Instead, you should try using spray makeup and remember to wash it off after use. Don’t leave it on your skin for two long otherwise, you’ll lose your skin’s natural oils.

Perfect Hair
Last but not least you might be interested to know how you can get gorgeous, lush hair. To do this, there are a few simple tricks you can try. The first is to use coconut oil for washing your hair. That way, you’ll strengthen your locks with hair looking thicker than ever. The other trick is using teabags to make your hair shiny. Soak your hair in water with tea bags and then wash it all out. In a few weeks, you’ll have glowing hair like Rapunzel!

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