Dress to Impress for Valentine's

Whether you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend or are off on a first date, you’re going to want to impress. Regardless of where he’s taking you, dinner at your local Prezzo or somewhere a little more fancy, you’ll want to look and feel great. The most important thing when it comes to date night fashion, looking sexy aside, is feeling confident. If you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing, it’ll show, so it’s important that you get your style spot on.

Let’s talk outfits
The first thing that you need to do is think about your outfit - picking what to wear can often be the most daunting part of preparing for a date. What you need to think about is where you’re going for your date, and dress in a way that suits the place. For example, for dinner at Zizzi's or Giraffe, skinny jeans, a pretty top and heeled black boots would be perfect. However, for dinner at somewhere a little classier, it might be best to opt for a more formal look.
The good news is that no matter where you’re going, you can’t go wrong with a plain, black dress. Or, as it’s Valentine’s Day, how about swapping your trusty little black dress for a slinky red number? As long as it’s a cut that falls to or below the knee and flatters your body shape, no matter where you’re going, it will be perfect. The great thing about plain dresses is that you can dress them up or dress them down with a few chic accessories.

Onto accessories
And on that note, onto accessories. When it comes to brightening up your look and adding style, accessories are your best friend. The key to styling any look is, of course, accessories. From bags and heels to jewellery and jackets, there are plenty of items to play around with. You probably already have shops that you swear by for your accessories buying. But if you fancy giving something different ago, check out www.desummaandwexler.com. The jewellery on offer here is beautiful and perfect for teaming with a simple dress to make a statement. To ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons, it’s essential that you dress and accessories match in colour and style.

Make sure to get your hair and beauty spot on
Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so when it comes to your hair and makeup, the chances are you want to go all out. How about having a browse online to find some Valentine’s Day makeup looks and tutorials? Or some new hairstyle to try out? Personally, I find that Pinterest is great for inspiration, so it’s worth having a look on here. For some amazing hair and makeup looks, check out http://www.harpersbazaar.com. If you do decide to go for a new look, make sure to practice it a couple of times before the big night, just to ensure that you’ve got it spot on.

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