Spa Day, Prosecco & Animal Faces

January is the month for relaxation and detoxing and mine kicked off properly with a spa day the first weekend after being back to work. It was one of my best friend's birthdays and her boyfriend booked the spa as a surprise. We managed to convince her she was going to an ariel ropes course so when we turned into the spa's driveway there was a look of relief and delight on her face.

We were the only people in the spa so it was nice to relax, gossip and snack while each person got their treatment. I went for a massage which I definitely needed. I was a little bit disappointed that the girl spoke through my whole massage. I wasn't able to properly relax. What do you prefer, silence or a little chat?
The afternoon was spent in the hot tub with a few bottles of prosecco after the amazing salad lunch (and delicious cheesecake).  Before long we were heading back to my house to get ourselves ready for a night of more drinking, dancing and singing.
Did anyone else get the funny face mats for Christmas? They seemed to take over Facebook at Christmas time. I got the animal ones and they're hilarious! That, along with my selfie props and selfie stick kept us busy at night. 

Have you had any girly nights since the festivities or are you determined to have a dry month?

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