Looking Stylish on the Slopes

The weather finally got a bit colder recently, after a relatively mild winter. While I'm not desperate for it to be cold all the time, it does mean one thing. We had a little bit of snow in the UK, but on the continent, you'll find a lot more. Even over there, the snow was delayed. People hoping to ski over winter didn't always get what they expected. But now there's plenty of snow, so it's the perfect time to take a post-Christmas ski break. Whether you go for a weekend or longer, you need to look stylish while you're on the slopes. Here are my tips for fashionable skiwear.

Start with Fashionable Base Layers
When it's below freezing outside, you need to wrap up well. The best way to keep warm is to have lots of layers. And each one should look great, so you still look chic when you take one off. Having a thermal base layer is an excellent idea. It will keep you cosy and they can still look fashionable once you get inside and strip off your jacket. You'll be happy sitting by a fire in your thermals if you choose some stylish ones. You can find designer thermal base layers at S'No Queen. You should like your thermal layers enough to want to show them off. Then you can spend more time après-skiing than skiing!

Get Some Stylish Headgear
If you're planning to head out on the slopes (not compulsory for a ski trip!), there's one thing you should know. You need to wear a helmet. You might think that you're fine without one. But you'll notice that all the experienced skiers are wearing one. They might not be the most fashionable accessory, but they protect your noggin. It's better to look a bit foolish than to crack your head open. Not to worry, though, because you can find more stylish choices. Some helmets look sleek and will give you an air of expertise out on the slopes. Just remember that safety is more important than fashion in this case.

All About the Après-ski
You need to try and be as practical as you can if you plan on skiing, snowboarding or doing any other sports. But once you're off the slopes, it's a fashion free-for-all. You can make up for having to wear a helmet but getting out a snazzy headband or a chic pair of fluffy earmuffs. Settle in by your hotel's fire with some schnapps and you can show off your winter fashion for real. Get some snuggly faux-furs on in the form of a vest or a furry hat. Knitwear is always hit, especially if you can afford to get a beautiful cashmere jumper or something similar. And once you can take off your ski boots, you can get on your cosy, but maybe slightly less snow-practical, boots.

Going on a ski trip gives you lots of opportunities to pose on the slopes. Just make sure you're not too busy strutting that you forget to pay attention to your surroundings!

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