Home Happenings: Finishing Touches

Now all the decorating is out of the way it's time to start adding the finishing touches to our house. We've been buying lots of little things that decorate and brighten up rooms along with lots of practical bits and pieces that you forget about during the mammoth mission of preparing for moving out.

 Living Room
I wanted some silver decor for our living room to bring together the grey in our couch and curtains. I bought a crackle mirror vase from Asda so when I spotted a similar style lamp on The Range I barely even looked at the price before adding it to my basket. It's simple but sparkly. 

RRP £39.99
We knew from the beginning that we wanted a large mirror in our living but it's not easy to find one that isn't really expensive. I originally bought one from the Range but it arrived broken. I think it was a blessing in disguise as I found this one at a fraction of the price, on sale in Argos and my boyfriend much preferred it. 

If you've seen our before and after pictures you'll know our living room has a floral feature wall that's lilac and the rest of the walls are basically white. We wanted to add a bit of colour on the opposite wall and this purple flower canvas from B&M is perfect. I love the glitter outlines and let's be honest the price is pretty good too.

RRP £49.99
I suppose changing the light fittings isn't totally necessary but I loved these chandelier style lights from Argos and they completely changed the feel of the room. They're really modern looking and much more exciting than a boring old lampshade.

Choosing decorative pillows wasn't too hard for our bedroom. We've got a faux fur cushion on our sofa and love it so went for the grey version on our bed. It's good for my bed making OCD when I can't get the duvet cover pulled tight enough. House proud problems!

 Diamante Bedside Lamp
£4.99 each
Choosing bedside lamps took us ages. We didn't want anything expensive because we won't be using them that much. My boyfriend wanted them to be quite small and simple while I wanted them to have a bit of sparkle. I'm glad we waited until we got to B&M because the pair cost us less than £10!


  1. Love what you've bought! I always find that adding finishing touches is an on going process as you'll decide you want something else, or want to change it regarding the time of the year! Or you just can't afford too much at one time! Can't wait to decorate our house in a few years once my son (and hopefully another child) has grown up a bit.

    Anna - Annas Reflection

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