Gift Advice For Guys Already Worried About Valentine's Day

This always happens doesn’t it? No sooner have we got through Christmas and New Year you start to think about the next holiday. That’s Valentine’s Day and it’ll be here sooner than you think. While many dismiss Valentine’s Day as a holiday concocted by superstores, it can still have an emotional impact. If you’re alone you have to think of the best way to get through it. I’d personally opt for finding Bridget Jones and singing along in the miming scene. Or, you can watch a good old horror film where everyone gets decapitated.

For guys, Valentine’s Day brings a new type of horror. What do I get the girl I’m dating, seeing or have been married to for I don’t know how long? I see your problem, and I’m here to help you out, ready to offer my female point of view on the issue. So, let’s get started with a sound piece of advice some guys need to learn.

Cliches Aren’t Cliches On Valentine's Day
I don’t know how some men haven’t learnt this yet. On valentine’s day, cliches are accepted. In fact, I’d go as far to say that most girls want, neigh, expect them. What does this mean exactly? Well first of all if there are roses suddenly on sale at the front of the store, you’re not supposed to ignore them. If you see teddy bears lining the shop floor, buy one. If they’ve got her favourite box of chocolates on sale, purchase it! The only thing you have to watch out for is making sure that when you buy each of these gifts they are personal to her.

You should look for her favourite type of flowers because not all women love roses. You should look for the box of chocolates she likes otherwise you’ve just bought a gift for yourself. And of course, you should think whether she does like the plush toys. Some girls hate them with a passion.

For those guys who somehow forget Valentine's day is arriving, I’ve got a tip. Order some flowers for Valentines Day now and that way if you do forget she’ll get something. Now to answer the question I know some men have on their minds.

Is Lingerie An Acceptable Gift On V-Day?
I know what you’re thinking. It’s a cliche so the same rule applies right? Well there are two other issues to consider when deciding to buy this gift. The first is how long have you been dating. If you just met a couple of weeks before V-Day, then I wouldn’t recommend this particular purchase. The second is that you should be buying something to go along with it even if it’s just a card. And finally an extra tip is to at least make sure it’s a) the right size and b) the type of style she likes. Let’s move on to gifts that mean a little more.

Personalised Gifts
If you want to do something truly special for Valentine's Day this year, you could look into getting a piece of personalised jewellery. You could buy a piece of jewelry and get it engraved. Or, if you are a little low on cash take in a piece that she loves and add an engraving.
Another possibility is matching jewelry sets. For instance, quite a small gift is bracelets for both men and women. There are some cute ones online that say “His Only” And “Her One.” If you think that’s the type of thing she likes it could make a brilliant V-Day Gift. Remember, you get extra brownie points for trying at this special time of year.

Should I Propose?
I’m sure there will be thousands of people around the world proposing to their partners on Valentine’s Day this year. But maybe you shouldn't opt to be one of them. Proposals work best when they are completely spontaneous. When you’ve been dating a girl for a while they start to expect a proposal in the build up to every special occasion. An anniversary of your first date is a far better idea than a random V-Day in any case.

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  1. This kind of very helpful gift advice for those who are planning for the Valentine's Day. I appreciate that you shared 3 different things here so person can choose as per their requirement.