Can Students And Organisation Go Hand In Hand?

I may no longer be a student, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t remember what student life is like. My time at uni was some of the best of my life; I made amazing friends, had some fantastic experiences and learnt a lot. However, one area that I  could have improved on was my organisation, like most students. Since graduating from university, I’ve learnt a lot about organisation and how important it is. So I thought that in case, you’re struggling with organisation, I would share a few tips. Believe it or not, being organised at uni is much easier than you would think.

Invest in a planner
First and foremost, invest in a planner. With smartphones and tablets, the idea of using a diary to keep track of your daily life might seem old fashioned but it’s extremely helpful. Using a diary will help you to keep track of what classes you have when, as well as the various assignments you have to do. You can also use it to keep track of meetings with your tutor, as well as any extra lectures you have.

The best planner to opt for is an A5 sized one, as it won’t be too big or heavy to carry around in your bag. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to diaries. The best ones, however, are academic journals, as these run from September to September and have been specially made for students. You can use your planner to keep track of everything, from semester start dates to house inspections.

Write to-do lists
Student life is extremely busy. From attending lectures and social activities to keeping on top of assignments, you probably have a lot to think about. To make all the things that you have to do easier to keep on top of, write to-do lists and tick off each thing as you go. As well as writing daily to-do lists that include things like ‘wash clothes’, you should also keep lists of important tasks.

For example, when it comes to the end of a semester you need to start thinking about how you and your belongings will get home. If you plan on using a student storage company to ship your belongings, you’ll need to book them in advance. It’s things like this that need to be planned, but without a to-do list are easy to forget.
Keep your bedroom tidy
Last but not least, always keep your room tidy. It’s no secret that most student bedrooms end up in a mess - don’t let yours be one of them. Not only will you struggle to be organised if you have no idea where anything is, but you’ll also find it hard to keep on top of your workload. It’s impossible to work efficiently in a messy space, as it’s too easy to get distracted. So it’s essential that you keep your room tidy.
The good news is that keeping your student bedroom tidy doesn’t have to be difficult. Stacking crates are ideal for keeping your bedroom tidy; these can be stacked in the corner of the room or placed under the bed. A chest placed at the end of the bed could also be an excellent way to keep your bedroom tidy, as can storage that hangs over the back of your door. When it comes to keeping your bedroom tidy, you might have to get creative with the storage, but it is possible.

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