Avoiding Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days are just one of those things you get used to from time to time. But with the right tricks and tips up your sleeve, you can banish them forever. Whatever the weather, and no matter how much time you have, there are some quick and easy ways to hide your problems in a jiffy.

Weather Frizz
The weather will take its toll on your hair. If it’s hot, it will dry it out, and can even discolour your colour. If it’s damp, your hair can frizz up in excitement, making a mess of your carefully styled do. I have tried several hair straighteners in the past. They all work to tame your hair into sleek sections. But I think it’s the serum finish that helps it stay that way. Nourish your hair after heating to avoid the weather taking its toll.

Lank Lengths
If your hair just seems lank and lifeless, turn your head upside down and brush it with a soft brush. This will lift it up from the roots. Now if you grab it and create a messy bun, it will look big and full of volume. A quick trim of your ends can also help lift up your hair if it’s getting a tad long. Diffuser drying while upside down can also help give those roots a little help.

Scalp Problems
Sometimes the hair is fine but the scalp is just driving you crazy. Itchy scalp can be so distracting. And if it’s causing you to tear your hair out it may be time to find a solution. Scalp irritation problems with hair loss need a treatment to help calm the sensation and heal the scalp. Don’t assume a mild shampoo will do you any favours. But to reduce the flare-up of itchy scalp, keep styling products off the skin, and don’t overheat your roots.

If you have long, fine hair, tangles can happen very easily. Wearing your hair up won’t necessarily prevent the problems. Regular, gentle brushing can help detangle hair. Hold the hair mid-way up with one hand while brushing with the other. Holding the hair prevents excess tugging on the root. Keep your ends trimmed to avoid splits and further tangles too. If your hair is regularly tangling, try some anti-frizz serum. This will help prevent it getting dry and will coat it with a smooth texture.

Short Style Flattens
Shorter styles look great when they stay in their sculpted shapes. Unfortunately, when a bad hair day strikes, a short style can look terrible! Keep a good supply of clips and slides handy to pin down those wayward strands. Sometimes putty and wax just aren't good enough on its own. The longer it gets, the more challenging it will be to keep it pointing up. Be prepared to use a mini straightener to lift the strands and a strong hold spray to keep it in place.

Keep your hair healthy to help reduce bad hair days. Good diet and quality products are best for luscious tresses. Enjoy more good hair days this winter.

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