Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Back in the Summer I was in the airport Victoria's Secret store spending the last of my Euros   and I couldn't resist the signature scent Bombshell. The fruity floral perfume is award winning with raving 5 star reviews. 

With notes of passion fruit, peony and vanilla orchid it's a gorgeous sweet fragrance that's sweet but fresh. It's not too strong or heavy so it's perfect for every day. I find it lasts well throughout the day and gets compliments so much. It quickly became one of my favourites. 

The bottle is typical Victoria's Secret wit the pink, the stripes and simple shape. It looks gorgeous on my dressing table and isn't too fancy to throw into my handbag for on the go too!

As for price, I bought this in a gift set in their semi-annual sale and got it with a rollerball, lotion and jewellery box for £30 instead of £36 for the perfume on it's own (or £60 for the set). £36 is a bit pricey but as a best seller it's often available in gift sets and features on their special offers so it's worth waiting.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't use it all up before I go to New York in April... 

What brands' signature scent do you love?

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  1. I smelt this just yesterday in my nearby VS and it smelt amazing, regretting not getting it now!

    Parie x