Travel & Stay in the UK

I love being out and about away from home. We live in a great country to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. And there are plenty of places that are worth the journey to get to. If you’re thinking about seeing some more of our beautiful country, then now could be a great time to head out. After all, how often do we get a chance for a homegrown adventure?

We all tend to book summer holidays in the winter here in the UK. But you don’t always have to wait for the summer to enjoy what we have here. We have some pretty good skiing up in the mountains in Scotland. It can save you a fortune on all those expensive European ski resorts!

The best thing about the UK is it is so accessible. You could drive from one end to the other in a day if you wanted. But why go direct? Take the scenic route and see just how much we have on offer in the UK. Take the coastal roads, or head through the villages past the quaint, thatched, cottages. Why rush?

I love active holidays. Being outdoors in the summer is a great way to unwind on holiday. With so many beautiful locations, you want to be in accommodation that puts you right on the doorstep of the best of them. According to Hoburne UK Holidays, you can feel the stresses of life melt away when you’re surrounded by incredible landscapes. I think they’re right. You can just soak up the view, breathe in the air, and feel incredible.

Couples’ holidays are something I’m very fond of. They’re a great way to spend quality time with a loved one. You can take the time actually to speak to each other and enjoy activities together. It’s so hard to have that when you’re at home with busy jobs and family. The key to a good relationship is taking those breaks away together. It can help you get to know each other even more and make lovely new memories together.

Road trips are great fun in the UK. Sometimes the traffic is heavy, but when you’re on holiday, you’re not in a rush. However, taking the train across the country gives you a chance to sit back and relax as you watch the British countryside go by. Most long distance train services provide refreshments as you travel. Or you can simply stop off at a station for a break and take the next train. Buying a train ticket in advance can save you so much money as well.

Every region in the UK has at least one local airport. This means you can fly to different areas of the UK from anywhere else. But with so much coastline, don’t ignore the option to sail. The coastal wildlife here is incredible to spot too. And if you love the sea, why not take on some water sports like windsurfing?

I love our little island. I’m never going to see every inch of it in my lifetime, but I’m definitely going to try and see the best bits! Where do you go on a UK holiday?

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