Staying Fit During Winter: What to do to Stay Motivated

Staying fit during winter can be difficult. The cold weather stops us wanting to leave the house at all, let alone leave it to exercise! We’re also more inclined to reach for comfort foods too. We naturally want to fill up on warming, comforting foods, plus we know that we’re going to be wearing layers for a while. You can’t blame yourself for losing your motivation. All you need to do is try to find it again! Only you have the power to get your motivated back. And you must remember, summer bodies are made in the winter! Here’s what to do to stay motivated

Change Your Routine
Change your summer routine so that you have something new to look forward to during winter. You should change your routine up every so often anyway, as it keeps the body guessing and can stop you from hitting a plateau. You might like to give your routine a focus on something else during winter. For instance, if summer was all about fat loss, winter could be about building definition.  

Have Treats in Moderation
You can still have treats and stay fit, you just need to do it in moderation. Have one or two cheat meals a week, and keep them fairly controlled. Don’t stuff your face until you feel sick, or you could end up undoing all of your hard work.

Join a Group
Joining a group can help, as you have a whole support group full of people who want to do the same thing as you. You can talk to them about struggles, achievements, and swap advice. You could join a group where you simply talk together, or you could join one where you exercise together. Something like Prestige Boot Camp could give you a much needed kick up the bum during the winter weather.

Find a Coach
If you’d rather train alone but still have somebody to keep you accountable, find a coach to help you. You could find a PT in person, but that will usually be very expensive. You can find online PTs, who will send you an exercise plan, food guide, and get you to check in with them each week. This helps to keep you accountable.

Reward Yourself
If you feel you have worked hard, treat yourself! Not with food, but with something nicer. Maybe a hot bath, a face mask, or a new item of clothing. You deserve it!

Make a Vision Board
A vision board that you see every day can help to keep you focused and determined to reach your goals. Fill it with pictures that inspire you to be better and put it somewhere you can see it each day.

Work Towards a Goal
Think of a compelling reason to get in shape during winter. Your friend’s wedding next year perhaps? Or maybe your summer holiday? Whatever it is, keep it in mind and think of how amazing you’re going to look!

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