Home Happenings: Before and After

When we bought our house we knew we had a lot of decorating to do to be happy with it and feel like it was our own. It was a project we wanted to take on but being quite impatient we wanted it done quickly. I was on holiday from work when we got the keys and we roped in as many people as we could to help with the painting and DIY. 
Since the 16th of October we've decorated every room except three (a bedroom, bathroom and utility room). In the first week alone we tackled our bedroom, the living room, hallway upstairs and down, the downstairs bathroom, the dining room/man cave, my dressing room and kitchen. Looking back at what we achieved in 9 days is unbelievable! 
The pace has obviously slowed down and we've only been building flat pack and putting up pictures where we can. I've not even picked up a paint brush since going back to work. There's a few finishing touches missing and little knick knacks to add but we've reached a point where we can share our before and after pictures.

Our Bedroom

Dining Room/Man Cave

Dressing Room

Downstairs hallway


Downstairs Bathroom

Living Room



  1. Looks great! Just a little suggestion.. we have retro old fashioned taps in our bathroom and my parents are too tight to get the bathroom refitted, so we just replaced the taps to more modern ones and it makes SUCH a difference!! So cheap too and it was a DIY that made a big change xx

    1. Ah that's such a good idea, I would never have thought of that. Thank you! xx

  2. Where is your sofa from I'm looking desperaey for one in this kind of colour? X

  3. Looks good! Congrats on buying a house!