Goodbye November

1. I was on a dance course earlier in the month and felt like I'd earned the Cookie Dough Lava Cake from Bella Italia after a day of contemporary, street and ballet dancing.

2. Playing with the different snapchat updates is far too fun. A little Frozn-eque look.

3. Is it too early to dig out the Christmas socks? These cuties are from Dorothy Perkins last year.

4. A candid snap from our housewarming/birthday party. I've got the biggest cheeser ever. I think it sums up my happiness (and the number of cocktails and slushies I drank.)

5. And a nice picture from the party. I love my besties!

6. There's nothing like a wee birthday cake to finish off the day. This was a Tesco's Finest Chocolate and Salted Caramel one and it was delicious.

7. Though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK it was a good excuse to have a bit roast. It's the first one I've cooked in our house and even though it was just one of those stuffed frozen ones I was pretty happy with the results.

8. Black Friday ended up being quite successful for us this year. With a new house we were actually in need of a few big electrical products that get lots knocked off. One was a TV and we bagged a 49" TV from Tesco for £129 after using our double up vouchers. It looks huge in our living room.

9. Our drinks cupboard is looking rather healthy, especially after the bottles and bottles of Prosecco, Asti and Wine we were gifted. It's a stash to be proud of.

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