Bigger Budget Gift Guide For Her

For a cocktail lover or big kid this slushy machine is fantastic. It's a great addiction to parties,  for the Sunday hangover or a treat night. Really, this would be a good present to gift to a couple. My boyfriend and I definitely have joint custody over this machine! It's fantastic quality, looks the part in the kitchen and works amazingly.

I absolutely love anything Michael Kors. The purses and bags are such good quality and feel luxurious. When I spotted this bright blue Michael Kors Wristlet purse I couldn't believe my luck that it was under £50! It's the perfect size for using as an everyday purse or to pop out to the shops with your phone tucked in nicely. I'm hoping I'll have a very happy recipient when she opens this up on Christmas morning.

For a girl that has everything this is the perfect gift. Who doesn't love Prosecco and chocolates? The packaging is fantastic - it's a real indulgent gift. 

A lovely home gift that caters to Mums, Grannys' or teenagers that are all grown up. Scentsy products are safer than candles, have a much better scent pay off and last a really long time. There's so many styles and scents to choose from it's easy to pick the perfect one for different girlies. It's not that easy to get a hold of Scentsy, lots of people are selling it through Facebook and parties but I've finally found a couple of websites.


  1. Oh my golly I need a slushie maker in my life!
    Coleoftheball xx

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