Beauty Essentials For Your Travel Bag

Whether you’re heading off to the ski slopes or are visiting family, sometimes it can be hard to get it right when it comes to your beauty essentials. While you don’t want to over pack and take too many products with you, it’s important that you have everything you need. The problem is that when it comes to packing your beauty bits, it can be hard to work out what are the essentials. If you want to ensure that no matter where you’re going, be it the French Alps or your aunt's house, that you have everything that you need, keep reading. Hopefully, this handy guide will help you to ensure that when it comes to traveling, you have all the most important beauty bits.

If you’re going away for any longer than 48 hours, you’ll need a few products for your face. You see, during the winter - thanks to the cold weather, our skin needs a lot more care and attention.
Cleanser and toner are both essential. If you want to ensure that your skin stays free of breakouts and blemishes, cleanser and toner are both musts. Did you know that when you leave your makeup on overnight, that you’re also trapping dirt and toxins on your skin? That’s why, cleansing and toning to remove makeup and dirt is so important. Travel-sized bottles are ideal for this, as they’ll give you enough product to last, but won’t weigh your case down.
An exfoliating scrub is also a must-have, especially if you suffer from dry skin. The combination of harsh weather and heating means that your skin is more prone to drying out during the winter. So it’s essential that you have an exfoliating scrub on hand to deal with any dry areas or dead skin cells.
Finally, don’t forget your moisturiser. The key to healthy winter skin is hydration; you need to be moisturising at least twice a day. If your skin is dull as well as dry, you might want to consider packing a brightening cream as well. For a skin whitening cream you will love, have a look online and have a browse.

When it comes to packing to go away, most of us pop a shampoo and conditioner is our wash bag, and that’s it. But the truth is that during the winter weather, shampoo and conditioner might not be enough. As well as your regular shampoo, how about packing a dry shampoo spray? Not only are they great for adding more life to dull hair, but they can also add volume
If your hair is prone to drying out, you may want to pack a hair mask. A sample size product would do, or a conditioning hair spritz that can be used on dry hair. For dry, damaged hair, argan oil based products are fantastic, as are coconut oil and shea butter products.

Other bits and bobs
As well as face and hair products, it’s also a good idea to pack a tube of hand sanitiser. L’Occitane’s Lavande Hand Gel is ideal, as it isn’t too strong smelling and is super moisturising as well. Don’t forget also to pack a lip balm, hand cream, and moisturising mist spray.

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