Adding Luxury Touches To Your Home On A Budget

Recently, I bought a house and so have been spending a lot of my time browsing Instagram and design magazines for decor inspiration. As with any new home, when we moved in, we knew that it would need sprucing up. As well as updating it, I was also super excited to add my own stamp to the place. When it came to decorating, I made sure to do lots of research beforehand, so that I had plenty of ideas to fall back on. As well as looking at sites like Pinterest, I also looked at celebrity homes to get some ideas. Celeb homes have the most gorgeous decor; they really are amazing. While I love getting inspo, what I found was that all the most beautiful decor is far too expensive. Or at least, that’s how it seems. We might not be able to afford to decorate our homes exactly like Kylie Jenner, but we can take inspiration. By taking inspo from celebrity home designs, you can update your home with luxury touches. Best of all, it is possible to do it without overspending, if you take note of these tips:

Decorate in neutrals and pastel hues There’s something about neutrals and pastel shades that add a sense of elegance to just about any space. So for a more sophisticated home, these colours are ideal. Instead of just keeping things simple, mix things up. This could mean hiring a decorator to create wall art or using stylish wallpaper. You can pick up affordable paint and wallpaper from your local discount DIY store. Many of us make the mistake of thinking that to create luxurious homes fit for a celebrity, that we have to spend a lot. The truth is, however, that’s not the case. Take inspiration from your favourite celebrity decor and you can create a stylish space. You may find this website about Billionaires helpful when it comes to getting home design inspo.
Be green Today, when it comes to decorating, many celebrities opt to go green. If you want to give your home a celebrity feel, it might be worth considering going down the eco-friendly route. Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly decor doesn’t have to expensive. So even when on a budget, green decorating is doable. The best ways to be green with your decor include using earth-friendly paints and recycled wallpaper. A fantastic way to be green when it comes to your decor, without overspending, is upcycling. As old furniture can look beautifully stylish when done up, they’re ideal for putting in a celebrity inspired design.
Add luxe accessories The key to creating a luxury home without overspending is, of course, accessories. When it comes to giving your home that beautifully luxe feel, the accessories that you choose are crucial. I found that looking at celebrity homes to get an idea of the type of things that they have, can be incredibly useful. Once you have an idea of the types of accessories, you should be adding, you can then buy them from discount stores. Places like Home Bargains, B&M and even Wilkinsons, often have some amazing accessories to choose from.

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