6 Ideas for a Girlie Night In

A girls night in is always needed, but often never organised! As we all get older, everyone gets more and more busy with their own lives, that sometimes the importance of a bit of girl time gets overlooked. So whether your friends are busy or not, get them all round for a girly night in, and try out these fun ideas!

Pamper Party
What girl doesn’t enjoy a pampering? Buy a face mask for everybody, and have a laugh at the same time as beautifying yourselves a little! Get everyone to bring along their best nail varnishes (not the ones that have gone gross at the bottom of a forgotten makeup bag). Then give each other a manicure, perhaps do you own pedicure though!

Movies With Snacks
Get each friend to bring around their share of snacks and a film each. Then take a vote on which film you want to watch. Alternatively, have a movie marathon! Films are so much more fun to watch with friends, and are an easy thing to do together, which costs nothing. Movie nights with plenty of snacks is a fail safe girls night in plan.

Read Each Other’s Futures
Why not do something a bit different and read each other’s futures! Read up on Wikipedia how to use tea leaves to read what the future holds for your friends, for a different and funny night in. Alternatively, you can do tarot readings online together. There are plenty of sites which do these for free! Whether you decide to play at Mystic Meg, or let someone else, reading each other’s futures is a quirky and fun way to have a girly night.

Play Some Old School Sleepover Games
We all used to play silly sleepover games when we were younger, so why not relive them? Bring back to life truth or dare (a great way to get some truths out that you’ve been dying to know about your friends). Or perhaps the very revealing ‘Snog, marry, avoid’! No matter how cringe-worthy, these games are guaranteed have you giggling like kids all over again.

Do Some Baking
Why not be productive and do some baking? The possibilities here are endless! You could bake one big cake and decorate it with some crazy icing, or make some cute little cupcakes. As it is getting closer to Christmas you could think about making some mince pies or cinnamon rolls. The best part about this girly night in, you get to eat the goods at the end!

Have A Fashion Show
All of us girls are the same, our wardrobes are full, yet we have no clothes we want to wear! So why not get everyone to bring along the clothes they are sick of, and see if there are any you fancy swapping. Your friends might be able to give your old clothes a new lease of life! There are guaranteed to be a pile of clothes still left that nobody fancies. So why not have a ridiculous fashion show using everyone’s old clothes?

No matter which of these ideas you choose you go for, they're guaranteed to be fun, as you are with your friends!

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