Wow on your Wedding Day*

Every bride wants to stun her guests on her wedding day. If you take the time to plan and prepare properly, you’ll no doubt wow everybody with how amazing you look. Take a look at these tips to see if they can help you:

Start Taking Care of Yourself Better
Think of all of the ways you can take care of yourself better and start doing them as early on as you can. Could you eat healthier foods? Get more exercise? Moisturise more than you do? Write a list of ways you feel you can improve and then make a promise to yourself to do them. Start one at a time if you need to. Just make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute!

Practice Feeling Confident
If you want to wow everybody on your wedding day, you really need to project an air of confidence. Many people don’t do this as they don’t feel confident. They don’t like having all of the attention on them and they get self conscious. Try to find ways to trick your brain into feeling confident. Think confident thoughts even if you don’t fully believe them yet. If you leave enough time to ensure you look amazing on your big day, you’ll no doubt feel more confident too. When people see that you look amazing and you feel confident, you won’t be able to stop them from gawping!

Choose a Bridal Style that Suits You Perfectly
 Your wedding day should be personal to you, so make sure you choose a bridal style that suits you perfectly. You might be a traditional bride or something more out there. Make sure your dress and accessories all channel the kind of bride you want to be. Luxury wedding hair accessories can suit all kinds of styles, and you can find jewellery no matter your preferences too.

Find Professionals You Trust
To help you get ready on your big day, find a team of professionals you trust. Start by researching salons and freelance makeup/hair artists. You’ll find a team that suits you perfectly. You need to feel confident putting your wedding day looks in the hands of these people!

Don’t Drink too Much
Drinking too much can be a big problem for nervous brides. Many like to have a glass of fizz as they get ready, but too much and you might end up embarrassing yourself. You don’t want to end up forgetting the whole thing, or looking zoned out in your pictures. Be sensible with drink, and only have one if you feel you need to loosen up. There will be be plenty of time for a drink later on!

With these tips, you’ll always wow them on your wedding day - especially your husband to be! Start planning in advance and make sure you feel great about your wedding day style. When you feel comfortable and confident, you’re bound to make an entrance. 

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