Wardrobe Must-Haves For Winter Adventures

Winter is very nearly here. The weather may be bad right now, but at least it’s not that cold yet. Still, it is the season for winter holidays so I’m looking through my wardrobe for some of my winter faves. Many people like to go away for a hot and sunny beach holiday to get them through the dark and dreary winter here. This year, I’m looking at winter holidays in the snow and ice.
If you’re about to embark on a winter adventure holiday, it’s important you’ve packed all the right wardrobe essentials. You might be heading off for skiing or snowboarding on the mountainside. Or maybe you’re after snowmobiles and dogsledding in Sweden? All of these activities can work up a sweat even in sub-zero temperatures. That’s why it’s so important to use layering to keep you warm and comfortable.

Base layers are the new big thing in running. They are thin but remarkably warm. Best of all, they let the air circulate near your skin so you don’t feel all sweaty when you’re working hard. They’re usually worn on top of a vest, or a wicking sports top. There are lots in black but if you want something a little more girly and punchy, pick an electric blue or cerise.

On top of your base layer, you’ll be wanting a good winter jumper. You could cover it up with a smart top too if you’re out and about shopping or in a cafe during the day. Pick tops or shirts that are easy to remove, and easy to carry around with you. Winter holidays are great but the indoors is really warm and the outdoors is really cold!

For activities like dogsledding, you’ll have bursts of physical work to do. But then there are the prolonged periods of cold winds blasting you. Use a ski jacket, or a good quality puffa to keep the chill off your chest. A snood could be a better idea than a scarf as there are no ends to get tangled. I love all the warm greys in knitwear this season. Tie your hair back to avoid that windswept look, but add a hat that feels secure. Cute knitwear beanies are everywhere this season. They’re just floppy enough to avoid hat hair!

Skiing is really tough on your nails and hands. Pick a good pair of ski gloves, but be sure to moisturise well before putting them on. The chafing of the harder materials can create sores if you’re already sensitive from the cold. Swap them out for sexy leather gloves in black, brown or grey. The woolly linings feel so lush!

Accessories and jewellery can be quite dangerous if you’re engaging in winter sports. Plus, the metals can freeze and burn your skin. Keep these things down to a minimum, but try fashionable wooden beads to add a splash of colour to your day outfits. Trousers are a must if you’re into winter activities. There are some great patterns out there in sportswear, but I really love the heavy winter trek pants you can find in the outdoor shops at the moment.

Have fun in the snow this winter. Adventure holidays are great for losing some weight over winter too. Wrap up warm!

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