October Empties

With the move taking up the second half of the month I don't have many empties to share. A few of these products have been stashed away of months on end with only a little dribble left inside and it's taken until now to be ruthless and get rid. Packing up all of my products and moving them all into my dressing room has highlighted just how many fake tans, skincare potions and nail vanishes that I've got. It's really about time I do a "project 10 pan" or something along that lines.
I'm a massive TIGI fan and the Dumb Blonde range, for obvious reasons, is one of my favourites. I love the reconstructor product, it smells delicious and works wonders. You can read my full review to find out a bit more. This is one that I'd repurchase without having a second thought.

This perfume is gorgeous. I reviewed it exactly 1 year ago and used it mostly for special occasions or nights out. I didn't want it to finish and I'd be very happy to have one of these sitting under my Christmas tree next month.

Soltan Wash Off Bronzing Lotion
I've had this fake tan size my student days. It was one of the most affordable bronzing products on the shelf that was easy to use and didn't leave me looking orange or worse - green! There's better products available these days but it's a good starting point if you're looking to try a wash off product to give you a bit of colour.

Clynol Dream Bi-Phase Conditioner
One of those product that has slipped through the net I really like using this leave in conditioner and reviewed it about 18months ago. I had a bit of a problem with it leaking and couldn't risk packing it away in the move so I had to wave goodbye to about 10ml of product. A bit of a shame.

Dove Summer Glow Lotion
This is a bit of a throwback product. I remember using these when I was in High School - not this bottle thankfully! These are good for adding a bit of colour without the maintenance of proper fake tan. I'm sure I've got another one of these packed away in a box somewhere.

Soft and Gentle Really Pure
This is the second Soft and Gentle compressed deodorant that I've used and it was a much nicer scent than the pink one. The smaller spray is handy for keeping in a handbag and freshening up. I'm looking forward to using another one

Was October a good month for you and using up products?

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