Christmas Party Ready

Don't panic! There is still plenty of time for you to get ready for your Christmas party. But there’s no harm in starting early. With December just under a week away, office parties and Christmas do’s will be starting in no time. You obviously want to be looking your best for such an important event. This is the night you can let your hair down with your work colleagues, close friends and family. Everyone will be feeling the festive cheer and the mood will be infectious. Here is some advice to help you be the belle of the Christmas party ball.

Get your skincare in check
This is something you definitely need to do ahead of the big night. There’s little point upping your skincare regime the night before the party. You should invest in some suitable beauty products that work with your skin not against it. You should be thoroughly removing your makeup each night too, to avoid any nasty break outs. You can do this with a good quality fash wash and cleanser. Also start using a non-greasy moisturiser and body lotion twice a day to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. The last thing you want is for your skin to look dull and dry for the social event of the year.

Plan out your look
It’s obvious when somebody hasn’t put much thought into how they look. It can be a sign of laziness which doesn’t give a great first impression. Especially in a room full of your work colleagues. Avoid this from happening by planning out your entire look. Experiment with colours and practise your makeup application techniques. You want to look flawless and badly applied makeup just won’t do. Also consider what to wear. Ask around to see what kind of vibe will be set at the party if you’ve never been to one before. Is what you're planning to wear suitable? You should still make an effort even if the attire is quite casual. Suitable footwear will be a must. You don't want to spend the whole night complaining about how much your feet hurt. If you’re desperate to wear your favourite heels, also take a pair of ballet pumps with you too. Just ensure they still go with your chosen outfit.

Treat yourself
It’s important during this season of giving that you treat yourself too. Treating yourself to a day at a spa is a great way of helping you feel relaxed. You can also take advantage of some of their treatments too. You could get a manicure or laser hair removal to get you party ready for instance. You can buy yourself a sparkly festive outfit for the party or some new accessories. You could even try out a new hair colour to change your look entirely. Whatever it is just make sure it makes you feel great and confident.

Use these tips to get yourself party ready in no time. You can never start too early and it’s important to look after and treat yourself too. Have a great time and enjoy yourself!

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